Ideation, creation, production, distribution and promotion of English, Spanish and Spanglish scripted and unscripted podcasts.

Connect with Latinos through podcasts

Latinos are yearning for authentic connections with brands that speak to them as the multifaceted human beings they are.

Tap into their culture, roots, traditions, values and aspirations to engage with them and create strong relationships that last.

That more tortillas are sold than bread, more Latino music is listened to than country music, that salsa and not ketchup is the number one condiment in the US and that the top artist on Spotify is Latino

9 in 10

use digital audio platforms or services to stream radio or music.


Latinos make up 19% of the U.S. population but have contributed to more than half of the total population growth over the past 10 years. 


say they are likely to purchase a brand on a podcast hosted by Latinos.

Purchasing power is $1.9 trillion.

If they were a standalone country, US Latinos would be #7 biggest economy tied with France. Greater  GDP than that of countries like Italy, India, Spain and Canada. 

Latino buying power is projected to be $2.6 trillion by 2025.

Unscripted or scripted, or fiction or non-fiction podcasts that attract and connect with Latinos of all ages, focusing on their top priorities: family, traditions, values and aspirations.

Estefanía Viso, Coach and Life Strategist for Women, presents a refreshing proposal to lead the way to the abundant life you dream of and can have. 

Every episode Pilar responds to her patients´ (anonymous) real-life problems. You can expect entertaining explanations and practical advice from this renowned family consultant. 

Scripted fiction podcast in Spanish for kids +8. 

Scripted fiction podcast in English. 

Want to listen to the pilot?

This fiction drama follows Pepe, an indigenous migrant from Guatemala, Clara, a teenage refugee mother from el Salvador, and Rosita, her newborn baby girl, on a dangerous journey North.

Show of an award winning financial educator who creates games and online workshops to help Latinos improve their wellbeing. Through personal development, Valeria helps people achieve meaningful lives and leave a social impact in this world. 

A show that analyzes pop culture and uncovers its red flags. The audience learns to question everything and form critical thinking to get to know themselves better. 💣 #noseapendeje  🧠#cuestionaloqueves

Associate your brand with Latino coolness

Edison Research´s Latino Podcast Listener Report show Latinos engage rapidly with ads. Your brand can take advantage of this. Advertise on our shows or sponsor a podcast.

Your brand can have a podcast that connects with Latinos

Take the guesswork out. Using our pre-launch framework we will craft a show that will help you reach, attract and connect with Latinos in a unique and profound manner. We take care of your branded podcast from scratch.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Sun Tzu

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Change the trajectory!

Just started thinking about doing something for Gen Z Latinos or millennials? Or maybe you have tried translations in the past with no results? Maybe you have followed strategies that work with white Americans and even tried proven tactics but things just won´t really work for Latinos. 

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